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Ethnic Minority Issues In Yunnan Sam Mitchell

Ethnic Minority Issues In Yunnan

Sam Mitchell

Published January 1st 2004
ISBN : 9787806950685
385 pages
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 About the Book 

Ethnic Minority Issues in Yunnan includes papers that highlight issues related to minzu, Yunnan Provinces ethnic minority groups. These papers, as diverse as the peoples themselves, discuss topics that include education systems and new models for schools in the minority areas, the loss of raditional cultures, Dongba shamanism among the Naxi, preservation and policy in Lijiang, Naxi women and the economy, tourism among the Mosuo, impacts on the traditional life of the Jinuo people of Xishuangbanna by the creation of forest reserves, Dai Identity, a study of Chinas new village election system, the search for a Hmong ancestral home and traditional folk tales by a recently returned Hmong (Miao) refugee and short studies of the Yi, the Zhuang, the Tibetans, as well as the very notion of cultural identity. These papers teach us not only about the various ethnic groups studied, but address the changes occuring in their lives today in an ever modernizing and increasingly interconnected world. Insightful and engaging,these papers provide an excellent introduction to the ethnic richness of Yunnan, and may spur others to examine or pursue further or more detailed topics in the rapidly changing human landscape in Yunnan Province of China. This volume, a project of the School for International Trainings China/Yunnan program, examines critically the role of identity formation in Yunnan as well as in our own lives.